Jesus Christ Gospel Ministries

Our Programs


JCGM Outreach will provide a comprehensive and full-service living facility designed to meet the special needs of homeless people living with HIV/AIDS. Our Emergency and Transitional Housing Program aims to provide individuals with a safe and clean environment for up to twelve months. Every resident will have access to high quality, life-extending care that is free from stigma and discrimination.


JCGM Outreach will provide a full continuum of care including:

  1. Staff on site 24 hours per day, 7 days per week

  2. 24/7 emergency services

  3. Group and individual mental health sessions

  4. Food preparation and housekeeping services

  5. Life skills and personal care education services

  6. Case management and referral services

Food Banks

At JCGM Outreach, our aim is to change lives in our community through fighting hunger. With the increasing awareness of the link between proper nutrition and health, JCGM Outreach is committed to increasing the amount of quality produce, canned goods, and frozen foods available to clients year-round. Our Food Bank program will work closely with organizations and individuals in the community to collect excess food products in an efficient and effective manner. The food products are then distributed to those in need twice a week from 9am to 4pm.

By collecting donations from the community, JCGM Outreach will be pioneering new ways to reduce waste, better utilizing resources available in this land of plenty, and helping to bring food to those in our community who are hungry!



JCGM Outreach is a ministry of New Bethlehem Church of Christ and purpose is to carry God’s Word to the world through housing programs and food pantry ministries. Our tax exempt organization aspires to bring relief to the underserved communities of New York City and beyond! This will be accomplished through partnerships, sponsorships, and volunteer services. JCGM is committed to community services and seek the support of local community groups and leaders. To learn more about JCGM Outreach and participant eligibility requirements or opportunities available to support our programs, please use this link CARE Partner!”  We are Community Advocates Representing Evolution! Through unity we are able to inspire and influence change.